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Metropolitan Mortgage – Mortgage Lenders Serving Sugar Creek, MO.

Buying a home in Sugar Creek, MO is a huge financial decision. This is because a home purchase is one of the most expensive single purchases people often make. The choice of your established mortgage lender like Metropolitan Mortgage Corporation will affect the home loan options available to you as well as your satisfaction. Choosing the right lender for your needs will significantly reduce the stress associated with the entire process. In choosing the right mortgage lender, you need to understand what to look for and how to spot the right one. Read on to find out more.

Types of Lenders

Direct Lenders

These are financial institutions like credit unions, banks, online entities, and other organizations whose aim is to offer financial help to prospective and qualified homebuyers. With this option, you do not have to shop around for the best mortgage rates.

Choosing a direct lender has its benefits including a faster processing time for qualified applicants, qualification for multiple loan types, personalized services, ability to compare rates, terms, fees, and other variables across different multiple direct lenders, and more. There are also risks associated including complex loan types with complicated fine prints.

Mortgage Broker

These are independent, licensed, and professional operators who shop around for mortgage loan options and help prospective homeowners find what is right for them. They serve as a bridge or matchmaker between the interested applicant and different lenders. Brokers are usually paid by the borrower or lender, depending on the mode of operation. These professionals have no effect on funding, rates, and amount approved.

Correspondent Lenders

These lenders originate and fund loans that will be sold to larger lending or financial institutions to recoup their money once the loan closes.

Wholesale Lenders

Wholesale lenders do not deal directly with borrowers. They interact, instead, with mortgage brokers and third-party institutions that sell mortgage products. These lenders offer mortgage products at discounted rates.

Portfolio Lenders

These lenders originate and fund their loans, however, they do not sell after the loan process has closed. Community banks and credit unions fall under this category.

Hard-money Lender

These are private financial investors who offer short-term loans usually at a higher interest rate. The loans are secured by real estate and these lenders are more concerned about getting the repayments in a short time.

How to Find the Best Mortgage Lender

Having understood the different types of mortgage lenders available to you, you need to find a good mortgage lender like Metropolitan Mortgage Corporation that has your interest at heart. To do this, below are some of the tips to follow;

Strengthen your Credit

Your credit score tells the mortgage lender a story about your finances and financial discipline. The higher your credit score, the better your access to lower interest rates and discounts.

Determine Your Budget

Similar to other purchases, you need to determine how much is too much to spend on a home purchase. Be sure to set a realistic value while also considering your current financial standing.

Know Your Options

One of the best ways to get the best mortgage lenders like Metropolitan Mortgage Corporation is to know your mortgage options. Knowing this will help you to determine whether you are getting more options or less. The more your options, the better.

Compare Rates And Terms From Multiple Lenders

Similar to selecting mortgage contractors, focus on getting the best rate and terms by comparing offers from different mortgage brokers and lenders. This gives you better flexibility to make decisions.

Get Pre-Approved For A Mortgage

Once you have found the right mortgage loan type for your needs, get pre-approval before you begin shopping for a home.

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If you’re still unsure of which mortgage loan program is right for you, try our built-in Loan Genie matching tool. Or contact a Sugar Creek Loan Officer today.

Homebuyer Guide


Buying a home in Sugar Creek is a major life decision and being an informed home buyer can save you from making costly mistakes. Your Loan Officer can guide you through each milestone of the home loan process. Check out our first-time home buyers’ guide and get started on your home buying journey. We are a Sugar Creek Mortgage Lenders that makes it easy to prepare for buying your dream home.

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