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Looking to move to Lawrence, Kansas? You’ve come to the right place. Home to the University of Kansas, Lawrence is a classic college town with amenities, including a pleasant self-contained campus, plenty of entertainment, and a handful of interesting museums. The Kansas Jayhawks basketball team is one of the best for early spring excitement.


Buying a house in Lawrence is a big decision. To help you with that decision, assessment of mortgage lending and refinancing options in Lawrence is necessary. While you’ve been working diligently to save up for the purchase, you’ve probably also been considering which mortgage lending option will fit your needs.

One of your main considerations should be how you plan to pay off the loan in the future. Some mortgages are better for people who want to pay overtime and others are better for people who want to make a single lump-sum payment at some point in the future.

Mortgage Lending

At Metropolitan Mortgage Corporation, we offer a variety of mortgage lending options. If you’re looking for Lawrence home loans, here are some of the mortgage lending options we provide:

Conventional Loans

A conventional mortgage is also known as a traditional or standard mortgage. A conventional home loan is one where the borrower pays off his or her debt during a certain time period through fixed monthly payments from his/her paycheck. This type of mortgage is provided by a bank or mortgage provider and is not guaranteed by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs or the Federal Housing Administration.
Conventional home loans have fewer requirements than FHA loans or VA loans. There are no credit restrictions, and you can have a lower down payment to take advantage of a lower interest rate. Also, you can refinance your mortgage at any time without penalty through conventional mortgage products.

If you have a credit score of 615 or above, you will have access to more loan products than through an FHA or VA loan program. You may be able to get a low interest rate and good terms on your mortgage if you qualify for these types of loans. Reputable Lawrence mortgage brokers should be able to offer a variety of options for conventional loans.

Refinance your Home loan in Lawrence

If you’re thinking about refinancing your home, you’ve likely noticed the way in which rates have dropped. There are a number of reasons to refinance your home. Since the cost of living remains on the rise, many people are finding themselves struggling to meet their financial obligations. Higher interest rates mean more money for creditors. If you’re looking for better deals on things like credit cards and car loans, it may be a very good idea to refinance your mortgage as well.

Consolidate Mortgage Debt

If you’re deep in debt and looking for a way out, one possible solution might be to consolidate your mortgage debt. This is when you take out a new loan with your mortgage lender, combine the old loans into it, and pay off the new loan over a long period of time. There are many benefits to consolidating your mortgage debt.

Consolidation eliminates any confusion you may have on payments. With one loan, there is no need for you to juggle multiple bills or worry about late penalties.

Why Work With the Metropolitan Mortgage Corporation?

Metropolitan Mortgage Corporation has been committed to providing customers with a one-stop, full-service mortgage banking experience for over 30 years. With competitive rates, flexible programs, and knowledgeable associates, we can help you find the best solution to your home financing needs.


Prospective borrowers can view our mortgage rates and loan terms online. Our mortgage rates assume that homebuyers have a very good credit scores and are buying a single-family home in Lawrence, KS.

Conventional interest rates are at historic lows, so homebuyers should act now to score the best rates on their dream home. Apply online or contact a loan officer for more information about our mortgage lending products.



Our free mobile app (“Loan Pro”) allows clients to run mortgage payments on the go. With Loan Pro, clients select can from all mortgage products. They can run USDA loans, FHA loans, VA loans, Conventional loans and Jumbo mortgages in Kansas.The payments include; Homeowners Insurance, Property Taxes, and Mortgage Insurance (MI)! Do you know of another app that can do that?

If you’re still unsure of which mortgage loan program is right for you, try our built-in Loan Genie matching tool. Or contact a Lawrence Loan Officer today.

Homebuyer Guide


Buying a home in Lawrence is a major life decision and being an informed home buyer can save you from making costly mistakes. Your Loan Officer can guide you through each milestone of the home loan process. Check out our first-time home buyers’ guide and get started on your home buying journey. We are a Lawrence Mortgage Lender that makes it easy to prepare for buying your dream home.

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Don’t just take our word for it. A significant portion of our Lawrence, KS business comes from referrals–check our ratings! Along with the realtor, title company, and insurance agents, we provide every client the highest level of customer service. So, here are some client reviews on their Loan Officer.

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