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Home Inspection Tips

Metropolitan Mortgage encourages every buyer to get a home inspection. The home inspector is usually hired immediately after the contract has been signed. It’s important that you don’t become too attached to a home until you’ve had it inspected by a professional, certified home inspector.

A home inspector is sometimes confused with a real estate appraiser. A home inspector determines the condition of a structure, whereas an appraiser determines the value of a property. It’s only through the home inspection where you’ll discover if the home requires minor or major repairs. Any work required for the foundation, heating and cooling system, plumbing or electrical systems, could prove costly. Having this information upfront can give you some negotiating power, or give you an acceptable reason to back out of the deal.

A certified home inspector will perform a comprehensive inspection of the home, and provide you a detailed report of their findings.

  • You get to choose your own home inspector. Get recommendations from people you know and trust, like your Realtor®
  • Prepare a list of any questions or concerns you have about the property and give the list to the inspector.
  • Plan to be present to get a firsthand explanation of the inspector’s findings.
  • A typical inspection is two to three hours long.
  • After the inspection is complete, the inspector will prepare an extensive written report for your review.
  • Expect imperfections, every home has flaws.

If you would like a list of available home inspectors, please let us know.

Once inspections are complete, your Realtor® will submit a list of items that you want to be addressed (Resolution of Unacceptable Conditions) to the Seller. Please let us know as once you and the Seller have come to an agreement so we can order the Appraisal Report.

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